Like a sunflower

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Sadhna Gupta is a beautiful model with hypnotic eyes to say the least,with this captivating shoot we will reflect on the idea of being lost and found,and how like a sunflower that follows every moment of the sun,Sadhna will follow her melancholy and with that her dream. Lost in the world of limited happiness,in the dream of being unique,Lost in the thought where there’s finesse,Lost in the words which were not spoken, Lost with the people who are deceptive, and with emotions that drain the soul,Lost in the reason which was given, and lost with the luxury that cant stop the frown,With the world we live in yet we are lost,In the memories we can’t change, we win everytime yet We have Lost, Lost in the principles which couldn’t make us a sage, but I will turn towards you ,to follow you like a sun flower follows sun and be found reaching my desire.

Styling Mallika Photography Rohan Model Sadhna MUA Anjana&Mayurika

A Flash In The Dark

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A Flash in the dark is the reflection of the novel- The Stranger by Albert Camus,It’s an emotionless journey of an honest man,who feels himself as an outside to the world we all think is ours,Though Camus character is emotionless,his journey explores,love and lust,passion and happiness. Barbora’s character in this editorial feels free from all that there ever was,strangling,chocking or pinning her down,There is a wave of fresh air,a new beginning a new will to travel-without planning or thinking-to take of to a place unkown Today the life is right here right now,today in the moment I am the life,Today we are not bodies but soul,Not brains but hearts,Today we are not breathless elocutions but enchanting music, Today there is neither hatred nor fight,Neither day nor night,No society and no anxiety, Today maybe my last day,For all I know, today I want to put it all across, Today I write for the universe,and infinite possibilities.

Styling Mallika Photography Rohan Model Maria MUA Alina

I’m Not Your Type

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Styling Mallika Photography Rohan  Model Rohan MUA Anjana&Mayurika

Darkness Meets Surrealism


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Styling Mallika Photography Fed & Rohan Model Alina

Here we bring to you an exclusive interview with the Model and editor-in-chief of Pivoine-The creative Magazine The beautiful Alina.

So,tell me about yourself?  since when you thought you wanted to be a stylist? what got you into styling?

I would say that inside of my head always some changes are going on. I really like to push myself to be creative, regardless of whether is it, writing, acting or styling. To be honest, I never planned to be a stylist, it just happened and it was one more way to let my creativity grow. However, I really do enjoy this work. It makes possible to recreate your imaginary world in reality and it is pretty cool.  In some sense I find the job of fashion stylist very close to film director. Both professions bring to life their perception of the world and basically, rule the whole set, from photographers till actors, or models. 

what are your hobbies?are you working/studying?

I like to learn languages and different culture. I find it very fascinating. Literature is my another passion, I enjoy reading and I always happy to write something when I have a chance to do so. Hopefully, in some sense this passions in some sense became my job. I often do translations and write essay for magazines and newspapers as  freelancer. In the same I do my studied in fashion university in Milan, Italy where I study styling.

where are you from?and what inspires you to keep going? 

I was born in Moscow, Russia, later I moved to Marbella, Spain, which became for me real home. However, all my life I was traveling a lot, learning languages around the world. I was studying in France, Italy, Monaco, Russia, Spain and Switzerland. In all places I got an incredible experience which helped me to grow as a person. Nowadays, I still enjoy travelling and I believe that it is the secret formula which inspires me and helps me to keep going on.  Meeting the new people and seeing the new places with completely different environment always help me to expand boundaries of my mind. 

Being in the city synonymous with style and glamour in how many ways has it encouraged you? do you feel not being fluent in italian makes it hard to communicate at your workplace?

Milan is a great city, with incredible cultural and social life. I find this place truly inspiring Beautiful architecture, art,  fashion,  freedom of self expression, millions of museums and galleries which are keeping the history of this amazing place. It  can not be anything but absolutely fascinating.However, sometimes it could be a bit complicated to stay here if you don’t speak Italian at certain level. Nonetheless, sing language and friendliness can work wonders.  But it certainly does not negate the fact that I want to learn Italian and currently I am in the process of studying it.  

how was your first shooting experience?can you share with us some of the most funny experiences you’ve had during shoots?

My first shooting experience was really great. We did project together with very talented photographer Sergey Novozhilov and my friend-model Lidia Kardava. I remember she came to studio directly from airport,  just arrived from Paris because her flight was detained and she did not have time to have a proper sleep and even food. But she was professional enough and did her work perfectly. The project was accomplish in 7 hours and in the end we had really good result which satisfied everyone on the set. Thanks to my awesome mom and amazing team who were helping and inspiring us.  Actually, the most funny experience happened also on this photo shoot, it was the moment when photographer and me really wanted Lidia to inflate the churring gum bubble but we did not have a proper gum, and we sent assistant to the shop to get the orbit for bubbles and it was pretty funny how model actually was trying to inflate the proper bubbles.

who is your favorite designer? do you love to shop and from where?

I like Dolce and Gabbana a lot. I find them very classy. They promote the right life values like family and traditions, and also,  manage to connect these important things with the beauty and charm. I appreciate their style.   

what is your style like? high heels over nike? the casual chic look or the girl bon ton?

I would say I am very moody and I really like to combine these styles. I do have a lot of bon ton things, as well as I have a lot of casual garments. What I am going to wear hundred percents depends on my mood.

what all have you learnt so far being in the industry? is it complicated at times? how do you handle rejection?

I handle rejection with patient. I respect other people’s opinion and I accept that time to time it could not coincide with mine. All of us have different perception of beauty and aesthetics. This makes each of us unique and interesting. There are a lot of possibilities in the world of fashion, sometimes it could be hard. But we should not forget if someone reject you, for sure there is someone who will appreciate your work. You just have to continue do what you like.

do you like traveling?how often do you travel?which city would you love to be in?and whats your schedule like?

As I already mentioned I was traveling all my life. Nowadays my schedule is very busy, inspite the fact I am studying at university, I still going back and worth. Usually, it is directly connected with my job but also, I enjoy to spend time with my family and friends. At the moment I can’t choose one city where I would be, every place has its unique charm. This is exactly what make traveling so pleasant and fascinating.

which is that one fashion trend you wish never existed? and the one you always follow?

I believe that any self expression is good. However, personally, I don’t think that one day I will put on myself something from club kids trend. It is not really my style.  

what is fashion to you?

I think fashion reflects the epoch. What we wear describes our tastes and introduce our personality to society.

who is you favorite model?and according to you what should be the idea of beauty?

I think beauty is always going with charisma, which very often is the most important element of the whole image of person.  I found beauty with no charisma very dry. It is why I really like such models as Charli Howard and Karli Kloss. I think they promote the right image of women. Strong, beautiful, active and clever. Looking at them you can see, that beauty is not the most important thing about them, it is also about something powerful what is coming from inside. 

do you think fashion advertisements objectify women? 

I reckon advertisement objectify both men and women. Unfortunately, I can see that people prefer to use such powerful tool as ads to promote things, and what is even more sad the use of people as objects to promote other objects. I don’t mind promoting image of nice and healthy people but mostly of advertisements look surreal and promote the sex and lust just to sell things.  I find it unacceptable.  It is ridiculous to use image of sexy people to just make someone buy a blender instead of simply promoting the advantages of machine. People seriously should start to be more thoughtful and critic about things around them. We should appreciate our privilege to be only one species on Earth who really can discourse, and not going directly straight to instincts. 

is there anything in the fashion world you would want to change?if yes what would it be?

I would really change attitude of people towards our environment  in all senses. Natural resources are not unlimited and we have only one planet to live. It is our responsibility as human beeings to protect our home, from pollution and other damages. Also, it is should not be forgotten about human rights, workers on factories should be protect and paid well. Giant corporations are gaining billions than people who makes their richness real suffering from poverty. People should be respected and protected, as well as nature.

tell us about your beauty secret? do you follow a strict routine to maintain yourself? 

I don’t have a strict routine but I like eat healthy food. Sometimes I like to pamper myself and eat some desserts, it is necessary to maintain a good mood. Also, I love my fitness machine ellipse, on which I usually do workout with music in my headphones. I find it very relaxing. As well, I mediate and do yoga, however I must admit I am very beginner in that.

which is the fashion magazine you consider your Bible? you like commercial magazines or independent magazine?

I like Esquire magazine, which is actually is not fashion magazine in common understanding. But also, I read various magazines and I can’t choose one because I look for inspiration in different editions.

who is your best-loved photographer?

My colleague Sergey Novozhilov. I think that the photographer should be as artist, always ready to create and promote personal perception of life no matter what. This is exactly what Sergey is doing.

Tell us about your recent projects and achievements?

Currently I am improving my blog and writing some essay as freelancer for several magazine.

which is your all time favorite quote which has inspired you?

Just do it.

what message would you like to give to people who are aspiring to be a stylist?

Look inside of you, and if it is really what you wanna be, it is your duty to maintain this sparkle in your heart, follow the dream, promote your vision no matter what and Just do it.