The Beauty Of Silence: V.S Gaitonde

Peggy Guggenheim Museum,Venice

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Celebrating silence through art,we delve into the divine archives of modern art leader, Gaitonde


‘Everything starts from silence. The silence of the brush, the silence of the canvas.The silence of the painting knife’ A Silent mind with the power to hypnotize the world Through his Zen influenced modern artworks displayed alluringly at the Venice Guggenheim museum, Most of his artworks reflects his state of mind and the silence his paintings deliver makes us think,makes us wonder,it has the power to awaken our soul. His works are also influenced from the ancient Indian manuscripts and cave paintings of the Ajanta and Allora caves and is enchantingly beautiful, Born in 1924 in Nagpur,India, Vasudeo changed the way modern art was perceived,regarded by MF hussain and FN Souza and was also awarded the Padma Shri award by the goivernment of India.

We can sense his charismatic personality and his graceful imagination and the power of knowledge regarding aesthetics is highly regarded everywhere, as the media rightly described his image that of a recluse man-silent and peaceful

It’s hard to believe that even after in his Later years he met with an accident that left him with spinal injuries,that did not cease his passion for art and Gaitonde moved from larger canvas paintings to smaller works on paper,but it did not cease to captivate us. Almost five decades after he had been there, at the JJ School, in 1999.

“People believed that he was reclusive but, in fact, he was quite gregarious” Meera Menezes, the author of the biography in the first Sonata volume told Mint. The art critic Roshan Shahani, author of the second volume tracing the life and art of Gaitonde’s Sonata Of Light notes that he dealt with colour like a scientist—considering everything from texture and weight to translucency and saturation. Despite being hailed as a “genius” by Husain, Gaitonde died in 2001, in relative obscurity. Over a decade after his death,in2013,his untitled minimalist landscape was sold for Rs 29.3 crore at Christie’s India auction, setting a record for highest selling Indian art work in modern and contemporary art. The following works are from the Sonata series, published by the Bodhana Arts and Research Foundation. The turn towards abstraction coincides with Gaitonde’s lifelong interest in Zen Buddhism.

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