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We have a hopeless urge to try to make the things we love permanent,we want to marry th e person we love, have the perfect job we always dreamt of, we want to live in the country we enjoyed travelling,and countless other things which we want to endure forever.

The impressionist painters of the 19th Century had an implicit philosophy of transience that leads us in a wiser direction. They emphasized on the moments in which we feel happy or are at peace and that life is all about collecting these moments till they become a memory.

Sisley’s painting of a winter scene focuses on the beauty of nature, the snow covered field seems warm,the dusky sky has a pink tinge,and the glow of the sun is minimal and soft,it seems as if Sisley has captured the moment at the right time,when everything looks peaceful and alluring,while the hues blend in harmony and soon night will undertake this moment.

Impressionism themes around the key idea that things we love most change,and are only around a very short time and then disappear,it cherishes the kind of happiness that lasts for minutes rather than forever,like in the painting,the sky looks lovely but it is about to be dark, the snow looks beautiful but it will melt too.

This Style of art is translated in a similar way in the field of Fashion, Alexander McQueen has always had an impressionist approach interpreting animals and insects using bold prints and subtle colors and images, and the way he enthralled the viewers who saw the runway,for him it was always about the moment, no doubt that he took inspiration from nature and his collection leaves a deep impression on us.

Painters like Sisey, Monet,Edgar,Van Gogh guide us to appreciate and cherish the short lived moments of our everyday bliss whenever they come our way, without
thinking them as permanent.

What A still Life can reflect

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No Time To Admire the Sky,Hope by Axel Oswith

Art is the pivot of our existence,it illuminates our otherwise dull and mundane every-days,it is the silver thread running through the prosaic fabric of our existence- the sparkle in the eyes of the boy in the park seeing colorful balloons and the sheer joy of grandma on weaving patterns for a new born are all the outcome of the presence of something as divine in our lives as Art itself.

Imagine going to a park on a windy day,we look up at the clouds and feel moved by their beauty and grace,they feel enchantingly unrelated or unconnected from the day-to-day bustle of our lives, we give our minds to the clouds,and in that moment we feel relieved of our anxiousness and anxiety related with work,news and all what is going in our mind,we also keep aside our ego,while gazing at the white fluffy bulbous and bouncy clouds overshadowing the beautiful cerulean blue sky,which helps us to focus,for a brief period of time,on life’s most meaningful aspects.

This still life by Axel Oswith invites us to concentrate,much more than we normally would do, on the particular structure and texture of the cloud, and how they mass together and appreciate the sheer beauty of the blue sky which harmonizes everything that’s around us, yet we are all perplexed in our hectic and vibrant lives,blind towards the magnificent sky,and the magic it can create,like the figure in the image,who is right in front of it but has not yet witnessed what Oswith wanted to convey,the figure reflects our being,of how we are so close to nature,yet our unaware of the emotional meaning of the soundless drama that unfolds daily above our heads, no doubt this work of art, cheers us to afford the attention the sky deserves.

Sunday Morning with Paul Poiret

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There is no doubt that clothes evoke our personality and before I dive into the history and life of paul poiret I would like you to simply admire the dress made by him during the 20th century,the dress is soaked in elegance and liberty,the chestnut brown silk fabric,and the Mughal inspired embellishments opulent in essence cannot cease to captivate us, lets visualize a girl wearing it,she would be graceful yet raw, simply irresistible and experimental, compelling yet sometimes banal,she would have her own values, she would of- ten go out for parties just to show everyone of how modish and liberated she is as a woman,and this woman was none other than his wife Denise Poiret,who draped it enthrallingly giving us a glimpse of its interiors.

All these characteristics are exactly what paul poriet wanted to con- vey through his dresses,as the dress invites the wearer to become a litlle like Denise by slipping it on, though fashion can seem su- perficial at times,but according to Poiret its true endeavour is to liberate us,to make us feel confident about ourselves and to em- brace our natural body. he devined and defined the aesthetics of the early 1900’s simply known as the ‘Sultan of Fashion’ inspired by orientalism and neoclassicism, his famous ‘hobble skirt’ ‘Lamp- shade dress’ and the ‘Harem Pants’ makes us wonder if the women in the 1900’s were experimental…well it seems so.He restyled the womens wardrobe,by simply liberating the corsets,moving away from tailoring and towards draping,creating a silhoutte that reflect- ed the natural curves of the womens body, His glamouriously the- atrical and avant-garde approach is what inspires John Galliano for Dior and Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga for their collection.

YSL: Shaping the 60’s Fashion

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Confident,elegant,modish,and exceptionally marvelous image of a women was and could have only been created by the master of all Yves Saint Laurent,shaping the 60’s fashion in the most sublime and admirable way possible,infusing modern art with high fashion with touch of freshness and sprinkle of emotions.

yes,you’re right,i’m talking about the Mondrian dress collection from the 1960’s with the clever color blocking technique which can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum of RT,New York.He never failed-recreating silhouettes from the 1920’s,1930’s and 1940’s. The beatnik look,the safari jacket which was first posed by the beautiful Veruschka,tight trousers,thigh high boots and obviously the Le Smoking-the first tuxedo for women(though despite of the “second-wave feminism”it was still controversial for women to wear a tuxedo in public,it was a hit anyway) and being the the first to start is RTW collection,revolutionizing women’s fashion by his pop art collection with the slim line fur coats and dresses all in- spired from Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.
Wearing a YSL during the 60’s and even today reflects the personality of the person who wears it,as it resonates cutting fashion,boldness and confidence,The Algerian born designer was also influenced by Niki de Saint-Phalle,the avant garde artist who often more men’s clothing,Chanel too,empowered women by making loose fitted trousers for women which was eventually worn during the 2nd world war for manual labour when their husbands were’nt there,but Saint Laurent was the first to give it a more androgynous and monochromatic look,learning the aesthetics while he worked for Christian Dior during his early years.
His interpretation of the Modern women in terms of fashion was loved by all,the raffia dresses in tribal style prints and patterns with the playfulness of the 60’s and his creative visions-He undoubtedly recreated women’s wardrobe and gave them the new definition of style and beauty deeply influenced by African art.

When Art Meets Fashion:Roberto Capucci

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When art meets fashion we can feel and witness the sheer beauty and creativity it resonates,it has the power to hypnotize us and question the reality we live in,creativity being the central source of meaning in our life and fashion being the means of expressing something which is as unique as our personality and mood-similar aura can be sensed by the avant garde fashion designer who created history not only in the world of fashion but in art,born in the country synonymous of style and glamour,a place where art and history is deep rooted in it’s culture and heritage-this Italian designer changed the fashion norms of all times. Known best for his innovative contemporary modern silhouette and pattern making ideas and the vision and insight of mixing colors forms and various other materials,making abstract alluring sculptors out fabrics which includes his seminal1978 “Colonal” silhouette as well as his series of sculptures in honor of the dreamy city of Florence.

Ceaselessly inspired from nature,art,architecture and other infinite possibilities he often referred his work as “a study in form”.During the 1950’s Rome witnessed a new designer that challenged the fashion industry when he opened his first couture salon in Rome in 1950 at an age of 20 and in less than 10 years he was declared the best Italian designer by the media awarding him as the bold and confident designer with unparalleled creative skill and the ability to make dresses like origami.

Paris soon was enthralled and amused by his collections when he shifted his base to Paris creating both classical and experimental designs embellishing his garments with materials such as stones,plastic.
Fashion is an emotion,it should be felt by the wearer as the creator has put in all his creativity into it and has embraced it with all he could to make the garment perfect,therefore there is no doubt that for Capucci design is a sensory experience as he described it “It’s an assault-of art and beauty color emotion music nature and poetry for the viewer the experience is magical and unforgettable”

Dress as Sculptor: Balenciaga

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Balenciaga and with his focused dream of being ahead,changed the way we perceived fashion,bringing the extremely unique way of garment construction and pattern making infused with love and compassion-Everyone wanted to have this European luxury brand founded by Cristobal Blenciaga from Spain. Christian Dior once stated “ Mater of us all” addressing to Balenciaga.

With his hobble skirt and super modern shapes became the signature style of the brand-now owned by a french company-Kering. Soon after he opened his first boutique in spain during the mid 1900’s he was showered with success and everyone throughout the world wanted to wear his designs as they were refreshing and gave a completely new idea of conceptual fashion designing-it made the women look classy and seductive,it was like an addiction the natural curves of women-hypnotic in designs and color schemes-first worn by the spanish royal families and the aristocrats,sadly his store successes was short lived as the spanish civil war brooke and he was left with no other option but to close the store,but that did not leave him handicapped-he soon came back with a bang opening his store and shifting his base from Spain to France during the late 1930’s,his first RTW collection showcased in Paris had a lot of influence of the Spanish Renais- sance and he was instantly crowned the victor of the fashion industry in not less than two years.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 2.09.00 AMDesigns wedding dress for María del Carmen Martínez-Bordiú, Francisco Franco’s granddaughter and future Duchess of Cadiz. on March 24 and is buried in the small cemetery in his hometown of Getaria.

In the 1960’s he designed the wedding dress of Fabiola de Moraqueen of Belgium,Presenting a range of casual wear which would further give the women a more comfortable look and enthralling them with his brand new Haute Couture boots designed by Manicini in the most arty and abstract way possible,praised for his originality and creativity like always-never failing to charm the world.

Balenciaga is one such brand that has gone beyond the boundaries of fashion design and creative thought process his perception and interpretation of dresses as sculptor has not only created history but has raised the creative standards for other upcoming designers who will conquer the fashion world in the coming years the way Balenciaga did without failing.

Bling & Beauty

It’s Time to embrace your inner Dazzling Diva spirit with the 70’s groove,as we show you the bling on runway and beauty ideas!

The disco glam vibe with all the bling is all set to groove your spirit in the most sparkling way possible and illuminate the otherwise dull and mundane every-days,The catwalks this Spring-Summer16 will razzle-dazzle your soul and all that glitter will fuel your mood in a zealous way!

From the Tom ford Fashion runway Video shot by Nick Knight where models are in the party mood to just set the disco tech on fire with their sensational moves to the Gareth Pughs gothic inspired glam where models walk fiercely like a sci-fi movie character. Retro glam much? Sequins and other shiny materials with flowy silhouettes have never looked so good! No doubt,music gave birth to this everlasting trend.


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Tom Ford Lady wants to dance and party, her spirit is full of energy and dazzle. The full runway collection was a fashion
video directed by nick knight, The film also has a very
special guest star – none other than Lady Gaga, who also sings the theme song; a rendition of the Seventies classic ”I Want Your Love”, reworked by Chic legend Nile Rodgers especially for the short film.The shiny fabrics and sequences are very finely embilleshed, the patterns on every outfit are abstract, the transparency gives it a more classy look along with the messy hairstyle and silver eyeshadow,Tom Ford girls are ready to rock! Its,indeed a trend that will never fade and is perfect if you want to hit the club!


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As nod to the disco trend,Gareth pugh’s collection was also in- spired from BLING the clothes were as dramatic as the styling itself. Star-shaped sunglasses teamed with diagonal stripes in flared silhouettes combined retro vibe with futurism. We saw fiery red hue took over the garments along with his signature black and white.

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for Make-up ideas,BLING is the answer to everything!it can turn your normal casual look into a more glamorous look,you can use the bling in minimal ways possible if you don’t want to catch much attention,like a simple golden line on the lip as shown

in the image,it can be applied on the eyelashes as well as eye shadow,the best way to hide your dark circles-bling them!
all that glitter is not gold,but it sure is some glamour and fun!

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