when you’ve had enough

We live in a world where people are used and things are loved,we judge people and then they judge us,the power of expressing our thoughts even though useless has infatuated millions around us,by means of social media-and everyone is out there posting the latest shit they own or to the exotic vacation they planed all trapped by the fake adverts shown and celebrity culture that has nothing important to say or stand for,The world is indeed one big hoax,and we have to show that we are real in the world which is unreal or maybe it is the other way round-I don’t know-I only know that I have had enough!

Everyday I become a witness to the superficialness and pretentiousness of the world and people going with the flow-I dont want to go with the flow,as they say only the dead fish goes with the flow,I want to disconnect from things which are not helping me grow,things which are not making me a better person-I want disconect to connect to the greater positiveness this world has to offer me-I want to disconect to connect to people who have stories to share which might help us see through life with better perspectives,I want to disconect to connect with the nature that has always shown beauty and has never complained,I want to disconect to connect with my soul-to find answers which are inside me-to help spread happiness and make this world a better place but for now I’m emotionally unavailable.



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