how 60’s fashion cured my monotony


Mary quant,op art, 1964 & GIF by Unknown artist if you are the artist contact me.

I was never a fashion fanatic,or a shopaholic to be precise,but I do agree that fashion changed my lifestyle in a positive way,and I’m sure it can change yours too! during my summer break my family decided to visit my grandmothers place in the countryside,I on the other hand have made plans to teach the kids in my neighborhood so I stayed back,little did I know about the adventures I had in store for me,The day my family left,I realized I was all alone,my friends too were not in the city,I spent my days baking and giving myself beauty spas,reading and going for cycling but soon I got bored,repeating the same old routine made me sick-I did enjoy teaching the kids and sharing my stories and listening to their dream plans, However I could sense the spark that was missing between us,I tried my best to make my lessons interesting but the same old subjects with the same old formulas and theories made everything super boring-I felt they needed to learn things they are not taught in school,something which would enhance their creative abilities and would be fun at the same time and fashion was the answer and I will tell you how-First I told them about all the fashion eras and told everyone  to select an era on which we will work on,and they all chose the 60’s- no doubt this colorful and full of life era was  favored by the kids,the era which gave women power and personality-the children were fascinated by the illusion prints and the Mondrian dress by Yves Saint Laurent,and with the birth of the Mini Skirt by Mary Quant in the 1964 reflected the modern and daring society,freedom of expression and freedom to wear what you want to seemed like a right,The fashion travelled throughout the world,the Little Black Dress became famous too,after the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s worn by Audrey Hepburn,This was no doubt an era of self exploration and experimentation,colorful and beautiful-My class and I too needed a 60’s revival and so we made artworks similar to the illusion prints and color blocking ideas,we styled everyone in class and it was surely a break from the otherwise dull and monotonous life we were a part of, if you are bored too following the same  routine,a slight change in your wardrobe can be the cure, for now go and experiment with your style!


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