5 things I learnt from Oscar Wilde

To be yourself in a world where you are constantly judged by others,To be yourself in a world where everyone is following the trend and portraying to be someone they are not,To be yourself in a world full of fears and doubts,a place where nobody cares and a place everyone cares,To be yourself and have the confidence to follow the dreams and to live to the fullest in a world where you are constantly pulled down.

To always believe in the power of knowledge and giving studies the top most priority,Oscar studied at Trinity College,Dublin and later at Oxford,Though he showed himself as a person who enjoys playing sports boxing to be precise he secretly enjoyed reading and studying which made him win the poetry prize and scoring the highest grades in university.

Fashion evokes our personality and encourages our self confidence in ways we might find strange,Oscar was a Dandy,he loved dressing up and having the perfect look at all times,he was never shabbily dressed and always wore fashionable suits even when he became slightly chubby in his later years he still wore the best of suits and was admired by all,though he was quoted saying “fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months” we can clearly sense what he reflects that one must dress to impress

stay hungry stay foolish-though this is a modern day quote,it seems Oscar followed it long back as he discouraged dieting plans and did not follow any strict routine for his food habits,he was 6ft3inches tall and ate everything he liked,he loved an exotically prepared risotto and was quoted saying ““delightful dish too rarely seen in England”

quality always matter over quantity and this is why he wrote only one novel which eventually became a masterpiece The Picture Of Dorian Gray,fusing his love for aesthetics and decadence he wrote text that would reach the soul of the reader and daring at that time with hints of gay sexuality.


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