Broken house and a broken heart


Relations are like a thread of love which should be cherished for life,and one must try not to break it by means that would hurt the other person,because once that thread is cut it wont join again,and even if it does,there would be a knot,and that cannot be fixed even if we try our very best,By the age of 14 Lara had already gone through 2 major heartaches-first when her grandpa died,and left her with her Uncle and Aunt and second when she came to know the truth behind her family-that her Uncle was the most wanted criminal,absconding for 3 years,framed with Murder and rape,at first she did not believe the newspapers,but once she found it herself,it became unimaginable for her to stay at her own place any longer-Though it was difficult for her to leave the house,she knew no one around-friends abandoned her long back when this news spread like a fire around the web.She left all her relatives,her sisters and brothers who did not support her decision as they were too afraid of her Uncle’s dictatorship,But she choose truth over the pretentious relations she had in her family-which she once thought were pure and honest-What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and for Lara this would be an understatement who would have thought  that by parting her ways against her family would empower her and would channelize her capabilities into becoming a better person,Her family was never there when she needed them the most,maybe because she was adopted,or maybe they thought she was not clever enough to take on the world,no one but the mute grey walls of her room,witnessed the deepest and darkest secrets of her family,and her pillow being her best friend.She left her broken house with her broken heart,with dreams to reach the sky and to fly high.

Lara is a fictional girl,however there are millions who have gone through the same roller-coaster of emotions,though the series of events might differ from people to people but emotions we feel are always the same.Victor & Rolf SS10 collection reflects a similar surrealistic vibe of disconnect like that of the house on the left.

Image by Gordon Matta Clark

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