Today I write….

Today I write for love, Today I write for lust, Today I write for all the times I promised myself I would, Today I write for passion Today I write for happiness Today I write for you and I Today I write for I have learnt a lesson,Today I am free of all that there ever was strangling me, choking me, pinning me down, Today there’s a wave of fresh air ,Today I want to travel without planning or thinking I want to take off to a place unknown Today, I want to experience.

Today the life is right here Right now in this moment ,Today I am the life Filled with positivity and content ,Today I want to give and give and give All that is in my capacity Love, Kindness, Help, Loyalty Today we’re not bodies but souls Today we’re not brains but hearts Today we’re not breathless elocutions But breathtaking music Today there’s neither day nor night Today there’s neither hatred nor fight Today there’s no society Today there’s no anxiety Today maybe my last today For all I know Today I want to put it all across Today I write for the universe.

Poem by Apra

photograph of Madonna by Peter Lindbergh for Harper’s Bazaar 1994.



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