When you love someone let them Bloom

That day it dawned upon me,it dawned upon me after a long time,But within the span of the fall of a dime,It dawned upon me one ugly morning…..It hit me like a rock,this dream that I saw,Which I now attribute as a Nightmare, A very teary-eyed I woke up.You’d done the sweetest thing ever,’Cause you wished to get back together,Planning the surprises of my life,And that’s the part that cuts through me like a knife.

Teaming up with the best people in my world,There you stood beside the pool,Dancing away to glory,As you stared approaching me…I couldn’t believe my eyes,I went numb,I desperately needed someone to tell me how to react,You came near and my heart skipped a few beats,I turned to face the other direction,And you delicately held my chin,My world had begun to spin,Very swiftly,You made me face you,requesting for an apology,Flashing that heavenly smile, which made me forget everything for a while.I couldn’t contain a beam either

,To hide hide which I ran away farther,Just I was about to sit on the edge,Someone pulled my hand making me sit on his lap.A few tears rolled down my cheek,I couldn’t talk, Yes I felt weak,I had lost all my senses,But something made it feel real,That is how the actual realization dawned upon me….This very dream combined with a few others,Made me realize how much you always meant to me,You’d begun to matter me more than I required,more than enough and much more than I ever intended you to making everything a tad more tough,

‘I Love you’ you claimed ‘I’m willing to do anything to make you mine again’However shortly your words started to fade away,As my consciousness I started to regain,That very moment came like a storm,as heavy drops of water accumulated in my eyes,Flowing down my face like a river I realized I saw a dream full of unreal lies,But I will let you bloom even if my soul is in gloom.

Poem by Apra

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